Today in random shit: The Dark Knight Saga’s rogues gallery theme songs

July 24, 2012 at 6:21 pm (Random Shit) (, , , , , )

Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Saga has wrapped up with The Dark Knight Rises, but there’s plenty left for fans to mull over, including Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard‘s musical scores for the trilogy – particularly the bits they wrote for the bad guys.

Here’s Bane’s theme (‘Gotham’s Reckoning’), which has plenty of ‘Deshi Deshi Basara Basara‘ and percussion:

I actually liked Bane more than the Joker. It’s the voice.

But because Joker is also several worlds of awesome, here’s his leitmotif, ‘Why So Serious?’. (Just to have a point of comparison, give a listen to the leitmotif of another popular version of Joker – the one from the animated series – which is all carnival and popcorn-y, until you detect an undercurrent of menace). Nolanverse Joker’s theme song, like Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the character, will creep the shit out of you before proceeding to blow stuff up:

While we’re at it, here’s Ra’s Al Ghul’s theme song ‘Lasiurus’, which Wiki will tell you is Latin for a kind of bat. Apparently, all the song titles in Batman Begins’ original soundtrack are taken from the Latin names of bats:

Like this one, ‘Tadarida’, which is probably not the Scarecrow’s theme song, but it was playing when he attacks Batman and has a lot of whooshy trepidation fear gas kind of noise:

And here’s Nolanverse Catwoman’s theme song (‘Mind If I Cut In?’), which one might imagine is for sneaking around big houses at night:

And Two-Face’s (‘Harvey Two Face’), which like the character starts off with an air of nobility, then grows darker and more intense:

One can actually imagine the Batman mythos as one big musical, but that’d be another thing entirely.


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