Today in random shit: Music for the zombie apocalypse

October 3, 2012 at 2:33 am (Awesome, Random Shit) (, , , , )

I’m currently halfway through Mira Grant’s ‘Deadline‘, the book which comes after ‘Feed’ (which I’ve talked about here) and before ‘Blackout’ in the Newsflesh Trilogy (Newsflesh. Feed. Deadline. Blackout. Because it’s about journalism and zombies. Get it?).


Which gets me wondering what the music in my head will be when hell fills up and the dead walk the earth (or, if you like, when Kellis-Amberlee hits the atmosphere. Or when Umbrella Corp starts fucking people over in earnest). This is more a commentary on my taste in music than the end of the world, but this will be what I’ll be hearing when…

I witness zombies congregating in the streets, out for fresh meat:

When I make a mad dash to the local pub in the hopes of holding out there, because that’s where all the beer is:

When I make my first zombie kill and feel temporarily invincible:

When I go on a road trip in the hopes of finding a place that hasn’t been infested by the undead yet:

When I find a deserted grocery or mall and can go on a shopping spree and not pay for anything:

When I inevitably kill one of my zombie apocalypse companions because they’ve been bitten:

When I ditch my shotgun in favor of a chainsaw:

When I’ve found myself trapped in a hospital, school, government facility, or some other place with long hallways, big windows, and too many door, and it’s night time:

When I’m forced to mount a last stand, allies slain, low on ammo, and surrounded by the undead:

When the zombies finally turn me into one of them:

For fighting zombies (fighting anything actually), there’s also this. What’s your zombie apocalypse playlist?


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