Creepy videos for Halloween 2012

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There’s a lot of creepy shit on YouTube. Some of them are the short, gut-punch bits of scary that one may watch for that immediate dose of ‘what the fuck did I just see’ that makes any day, but most especially Halloween, all the better.

Scary movie 5 - in theaters next spring!

Like these:

The Cat With Hands

Directed by Robert Morgan. This appeared on Neil Gaiman’s blog some years back. It starts off with a rhyme that tends to get stuck in your head.

The Gloaming

Directed by Andrew Huang. This is the real reason why people shouldn’t stay at their offices late, especially when ravens have gathered at the windows.

DyE’s ‘Fantasy’ music video. NSFW.

Directed by Jérémie Périn. You may have seen this on io9, where it was described as “the most disturbing music video in years”. That’s one way to describe it. “Vagina horror” would be another.

There are also the vids that are initially creepy, but are better seen knowing their context. Like these:

Sadako’s cursed video

From the movie Ringu. Over here, you can compare it to the cursed video in the American remake. This is really just a bunch of surreal images put together, until you realize that seeing them means you will die in seven days.

The Mysterious Stranger

This one’s been touted as the most disturbing children’s cartoon ever. It’s actually part of the 1985 claymation film ‘The Adventures of Mark Twain’. This particular segment is based on Twain’s story ‘The Mysterious Stranger’, which, yes, does involve someone named Satan screwing with people’s heads.

Salad Fingers

By David Firth. Who or what is Salad Fingers? What has happened to the world? Who are his neighbors? This is the first of 9 episodes in a still on-going series which doesn’t provide much by way of answers, but does a lot for making you feel vaguely icky, like you’ve touched too many rusty spoons.

And then there are the vids that require you to sit still and listen to the story. Such as:

The Sandman

By Batty Berry Mackinnon. This is every night you had as a child kept awake by phantom noises and imaginings (of winged, sharp-nosed things that are trying to kill you).

The Backwater Gospel

Directed by Bo Mathorne. It’s the tale of a small town confronted by the immediacy of death. Beautiful animation, and the music sticks to your head.


Produced by Rodrigo Blaas. May become a feature film produced by Guillermo del Toro sometime soon. It involves scary dolls.

Finally, there are those vids that just don’t make sense at all. Your mind attempts to impress some kind of meaning on the increasingly disturbing images, but to little avail. Chaos reigns.

Crooked Rot

Also by David Firth, he who made Salad Fingers. This was an experiment in stop motion animation and dismembered body parts.


By Adam Rosenberg, a tribute to Crooked Rot.

Ronald McDonald insanity

Easily one of the most fucked up things I’ve ever seen. I’ve never made it past the second minute.

Happy Halloween 2012, human race!

Image taken from moostive on Flickr. Some rights reserved.



  1. Anna said,

    love these videos!

  2. Today in random shit: Don’t hug me I’m scared | In the Grayworld said,

    […] are some strange, disturbing videos out in YouTube-land. And then there’s […]

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