Today in awesome: It’s Suikoden Day 2012!

November 30, 2012 at 12:01 am (Awesome, Uncategorized) (, , , )

It’s that time of the year again: Suikoden Day!

(Remember how much fun last year was?)

Dish out the food!

Have long, insightful conversations!

Bring out the booze!

And the karaoke!

Call your friends! It’s not a party without them!

The friends you play video games with!

Your shopping buddies!

Your relatives!

Your food tasters!

The friends who listen to you when you get drunk!

Your smoking break friends!

Bring that friend you have a secret crush on.

Maybe you’ll get lucky

Or maybe not.

But that’s okay! There’s plenty of fish in the sea!

In the meantime, hang out with your bro,

Or your sis,

Or your sworn rival,

Or just kick back and relax on your own.

That’s cool too. It’s a nice day.

And if it isn’t, (because it might have been an exhausting kind of day,

Or a fight-your-enemies kind of day,

Or maybe you’re just going through a tough time in your life),

Don’t worry. You get Suikoden Day hugs.

There’ll be a nice day soon.

Happy Suikoden Day!

Images taken from a whole lot of places, including StarsOfDestiny; TEGAKIblog; Zerochan; and Pixiv. Credit goes to the respective artists (whose names I do not know n_n. If you’d like credit, tell meh n_n).



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  2. Moonlight M3lody said,

    Awesome, Fidelis! You’ve got a bunch of great pictures and I really enjoy reading this. May we have a glorious Suikoden Day this year again!

    • inthegrayworld said,

      Thanks! Looking forward to Suik Day 2013!

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  4. Grace Catubo said,

    awesome pic..and sayings love it^^
    hope you can make some

    • inthegrayworld said,

      Thanks! n__n

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