I am

Fidelis Tan (aka F, as in ‘F you’), a writer based in the Philippines. Hello.

In this blog, you’ll find plenty of Random Shit (any of a whole number of things that I may have found interesting for any of a whole number of reasons). They usually involve geekery – anime, or movies, or Suikoden II.

You’ll also find essays and articles, including interviews, like these ones with writer Neil Gaiman, painter and illustrator James Jean and CRACKED writer John Cheese. But mostly they’re original or previously published ramblings about things like fanfiction, dead writers, and what I’ve been reading while unemployed. Every now and then, there may be something about my life.

Updates can be expected twice or thrice a month. Am also on Tumblr and Twitter.

Other stuff

I also write fiction and comics. You want a story? Try this, in the online lit journal Spindle. It’s about a woman who tries to contain her feelings in a jar. I also write fanfiction (because. It’s fun).

Or if you’d prefer something with pictures, check this comic I did with artist Mary Ranises, called ‘The Girl Who Turned Into a Fish.’ It was nominated for the 2009 Komikon Awards.



Short stories

(Upcoming) “Lola’s House” in HORROR, a YA horror antho edited by Dean Alfar and Kenneth Yu

(Upcoming, August 2012) “The Stranger at My Grandmother’s Wake” in Lauriat (Lethe Press), a Filipino-Chinese speculative fiction anthology edited by Charles Tan. Check out this review on Publishers Weekly, and pre-order on Amazon.


(Upcoming) Secrets, with art by Josel Nicolas. A NSFW indie comic.

Plague 2 (Editor), by various writers and artists, released during Summer Komikon 2012. Check it out here.


Philippine Online Chronicles (Editor), from May 2011-May 2012

James Jean interview in Contemporary Art Philippines. Read it here.


Short stories

“Jars” in Spindle, an online collection of short stories, poems, essays and comics. Read it online here.


“Inside” with art by Niki Calma, in the Quarterly Bathroom Companion Comics Compendium # 2, an indie comics antho edited by Josel Nicholas and DJ Legaspi. Check the QBCCC out here.


Short stories

“Death and Noy” in Philippine Speculative Fiction 5 (Kestrel DDM), a speculative fiction anthology edited by Nikki Alfar and Vin Simbulan. This book is available on Amazon, along with the rest of the Philippine Speculative Fiction series.


“Walking”, with art by Mary Ranises, in Love and Heartbreak (Psicom Publishing), a comics antho edited by Elbert Or

Plague (Editor and writer of “Plague”, with art by Isabel Ocier, and “Sunday Morning”, with art by Cat Q), an indie comics anthology featuring various writers and artists. A review by Gerry Alanguilan can be found here.


“After the Storm” in After the Storm: Stories on Ondoy (Anvil Publishing Inc.), a collection of essays about Typhoon Ondoy (international name Ketsana), edited by Elbert Or


Short stories

“Pig Run” in Heights Senior’s Folio 2009. Heights is the official literary and artistic publication of Ateneo de Manila University.

“The Girl Who Turned Into a Fish” in Heights Vol. 56 no. 3


The Girl Who Turned Into a Fish, an indie comics work based on the original short story, art by Mary Ranises. Nominated for the 2009 Komikon Awards’ Grassroots Award. Read the whole thing here.

Nail-Biter, with art by Mary Ranises. A review by Adam David can be found here.


Short stories

“Lola’s House,” in Heights Vol. 56 no. 2

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